Safety guidelines

It's important to observe the following safety guidelines when using the 4LazyLegs carrier / sling:
  • Any movement made by you or your pet may affect your balance. Be vigilant at all times
  • Ensure the pet can breathe freely, nose and mouth open, so the baby can breath
  • Never wear the sling under a jacket
  • Never wear the sling whilst bicycling, cooking, practicing a sport or in the car
  • Maximum carry weight 15kg
  • Ensure the pet is not too hot or cold.�
  • Be extra cautious when bending forward or leaning
  • Ensure the pets head does not bump against anything
  • Always wear the black safety clasp flat against the back or chest
  • Check the sling for signs of wear on a regular basis
  • Never use the last 10cm of the strap
clip.pngMake sure the strap is put correctly through the clip

Veiligheidssluiting.pngAlways use the patented safety construction as described on the instruction