Different sizes and materials

To each his own...

4LazyLegs, not only for Chihuahua's...

The 4LazyLegs is a very casual yet practical pet sling designed to help you look fabulous and make your pet’s journey as safe and as comfortable as possible. 🐶

Ideal for:

  • the puppy that’s too young to walk on the ground
  • the smaller dog who may get slightly nervous in crowds
  • the elderly dog whose mind is strong but whose legs are not
  • or even the disabled dog

4LazyLegs is also suitable for cats and your small pets

4LazyLegs carrier

We have three different types of carriers:

  • Basic – made out of polyester, dries quickly and easy to clean.
  • Canvas Cotton  –  made out of a firm, comfortable and soft canvas cotton
  • Canvas XS – the XS is the small version of the Canvas Cotton. The bag is a bit smaller and a little less deep. This XS version is mainly intended for the smaller pets, like little cats, chihuahuas etc (1 – 5 kg).

Characteristics pets carrier

  • Made from lightweight, super strong 100% cotton canvas (the canvas cotton and the XS) or polyester (the basic)
  • Soft shoulder cushion
  • Little pocket for keys, poo bags etc.
  • Includes patented safety clip with an adjustable shoulder strap
  •  Fully washable at 40 degrees (in washing bag, low RPM)
  • Adjustable cord to adjust the size of the carrier
  • Little leash to attach the collar/ harness
  • Maximum carrying weight of 15kg 💪🏻 the bag can hold maximum 15kg. This does not mean that all pets of 15kg will fit into the carrier – this depends on the type of dog and your own preference