General terms

Contained herein are the general sales, delivery, and payment terms and conditions for the trading company 4LazyLegs, daughter company of minimonkey, established in Amsterdam and registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce as business number 34243852.

1. General 

1.1 The following sales, delivery and payment terms apply to all deliveries and services.
1.2 By placing an order the customer agrees to the general terms & conditions listed below.
1.3 All rights, obligations, offers, orders, and agreements entered into under these Terms & Conditions are subject exclusively to Dutch law.

2. Pricing 

All prices on the 4LazyLegs website ( are in euro and inclusive of VAT and costs for shipping within the Netherlands. For shipping to locations outside the Netherlands, 4LazyLegs will add the required shipping costs to the invoice.

3. Orders and Payments

3.1 Directly after an order is placed the customer will receive an email confirmation including order details and the total cost.
3.2 The customer can make payment to 4LazyLegs in several ways. All payment methods are available on this website in the ‘Payment’ section. If the customer orders via our website, payment can be made with a bank transfer to ABN Amro bank account number 476728479 in the name of 4LazyLegs in Amsterdam.
3.3 Customer order payment must be completed within 2 workdays after the order date. During this time the ordered item is reserved for you. If at the end of this period 4LazyLegs has not received full payment the item will be released for sale.
3.4 Order delivery takes place once payment is received.
3.5 4LazyLegs sends a confirmation email when the payment is received.

4. Delivery

4.1 The order will be made available for delivery by DHL within 2 workdays after payment is received.
4.2 DHL generally delivers the following day to delivery addresses within the Netherlands.
4.3 A delivery confirmation email will be sent to you.
4.4 You will be contacted If for any reason the order will not be available for DHL delivery within 2 (2) workdays.
4.5 4LazyLegs products offered on the 4lazylegs website are delivered from existing stock. If an item is temporarily out of stock we will contact you as quickly as possible.
4.6 4LazyLegs is not responsible for DHL’s delayed delivery times or lost shipments.

5. Returns

5.1 Customers can return any item within fourteen (14) workdays after delivery to 4LazyLegs for any reason whatsoever.
5.2 Notification of a return must be sent by email ( prior to returning the item.
5.3 Upon receipt of returned items 4LazyLegs will refund the payment (minus shipping costs) within ten (10) workdays.
5.4 The item cannot be returned if:
– the item has been washed;
– a repair has been attempted;
– use instructions have not been followed; and/or
– the packaging (including labels) for the item is damaged
5.5 If the customer has received the wrong order, 4LazyLegs will be responsible for sending the correct order.

6. Questions / Complaints 

In the event of questions or complaints related to a purchased item, 4LazyLegs would like to be informed by email (

7. Privacy

All personal information will be used exclusively by 4LazyLegs and will not be released to third-parties unless necessary for payment transactions and order delivery.

8. Liability

8.1 4LazyLegs cannot be held responsible for any damage, including physical, material, or immaterial, that arises as a result of incorrect or poor use of the products sold by 4LazyLegs.
8.2 Though all information on the 4LazyLegs website ( is carefully gathered, it is nonetheless possible that certain information is not correct, incomplete, or not up-to-date. 4LazyLegs is not liable for consequences arising from incorrect or incomplete information on its website.
8.3 4LazyLegs is not responsible for type, set, and print errors as a result of which involuntary incorrect sales prices are communicated. If this occurs the price will be corrected by 4LazyLegs as quickly as possible.
8.4 4LazyLegs cannot be held responsible for product deviations due to photo or monitor quality.

9. Force Majeure

Without affecting any of its other rights, 4LazyLegs reserves the right to choose whether to suspend the processing of your order and withdraw from the agreement without judicial intervention in the event of a force majeure by advising the client of this in writing. In this case 4LazyLegs will not be held responsible for any type of damage or loss, whilst acting in the interest of fairness and good faith.

10. Copyright

All rights reserved. Nothing from this website may be copied, saved, or distributed in any form without prior written consent from 4LazyLegs.

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